We Search for Keywords 捉字室

We Search for Keywords 捉字室

Young people are familiar with the online world; a simple keyword search on the Internet leads us to the infinite terrain of information and knowledge. “We Search for Keywords” is a non-profit visual arts learning programme that aims to connect young people to the land of Kai Tak through three interrelated keywords: Name, Landscape and Map. The land of Kai Tak is a neighborhood that is filled with rich yet tortuous, local history – from the inception of the first largest reclaimed land for a Chinese housing venture in the 1920s (Kai Tak Bund) to the birth of Hong Kong’s first international airport, and finally home to the newly built cruise terminal (Kai Tak Development Area). Lead by practicing artists/designer, each keyword becomes an independent series of workshops that involves styling & photography (Name); ceramic (Landscape); and information graphics (Map).

This programme is sponsored by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation’s Arts: Transforming Hong Kong Grants. Since the programme first launched in 2014, we have been engaging with a wide variety of partners, including practicing artists/designer, local historical organization and a cohort of young, energetic helpers, and benefiting more than 80 young people from different secondary schools in the area.

Through keywords and creative interventions, we hope to spark off discussion and reflection among young people on the transformation of Kai Tak – from its past, present to future. At the same time the programme also aims to inspire practicing artists/designer, who take on the role of educators, to revisit local history through the creation of new works and to explore possible learning interventions across history, geography, language and visual arts/design in the future.





  We Search for Keywords:

  Visual Arts Learning Programme,

   A Collection of Case Studies, 2015-2016

 「捉字室」視藝教育計劃案例結集 2015-2016









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December 1, 2016